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I am currently not offering sessions but please contact me if you have questions about the Bach Flower remedies. 


Further information also available here:

I am a BFRP – Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and work according to the code of practise of the Bach Centre in England.

Are you feeling stuck in an area of your life? Do you sometimes find yourself lost in spiralling negative thoughts? Do you worry about the future? Maybe you find yourself getting annoyed or even angry for no great reason? Or perhaps you wish you had more self-confidence, courage of conviction or just simple peace of mind…

Yes, of course these emotions are all part of being human…

but no!  you don’t have to live with negative thought patterns. You can make a conscious choice for change.

Dr Bach’s 38 flower remedies offer you the chance get yourself emotionally “back in balance”. Each flower essence addresses a negative state of mind or emotion. There are no side effects, just a gentle healing of the soul. That is why they are also perfectly suited for children.

For our session you can choose a “theme” in your life. We talk about how you feel in this moment, right now, without analysing the past. Together we match the remedies to the negative states of mind you recognise in yourself and we put them into your own personal mix. How effective they are is down to you and your commitment for emotional change.


It is my goal to live out and represent the philosophy of Dr Bach in today's fast paced modern world. I am passionate about nature and love the simple things in life. Inspiring people to believe that it's never too late to change their outlook on life is one of my goals in my work.

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